Version 0.1.17 - 21-05-2023
Fixed the checkmarks in the source groups (they're now check boxes again instead of "check_mark"s in text)
added more creatures and hazards to the database (up to Stolen Fate vol 1)
(mostly) Fixed the AoE Templates showing up twice statblocks. 
Fixed damage numbers not showing up in statblocks sometimes.

Version 0.1.16 - 03-05-2023
Removed the CDN for the icons, I'm now hosting locally. pathfinderdashboard is now 100% CDN free! yay for privacy! :)
Removed the share window, it wasn't working and I think most people prefer copying the URL anyway.

Version 0.1.15 - 03-05-2023
Added a mini dice string roller
Fixed a bug that removed weaknesses and resistances
Fixed the '@Check' notations and turned them into normal human text in the hazard statblocks
Fixed the '@UUID' notations and turned them into normal human text in the hazard statblocks
Fixed an indexing error that caused some statblocks to fail to load
Removed most of the content delivery networking and data collection, only some of the google material icons remain

Version 0.1.14 - 17-03-2023
Updated creature database
added spell slots to spontaneous spellcasting entries

Version 0.1.13 - 06-09-2022
Updated creature database
removed the little pride flag, it wouldn't feel special anymore if it was always there, but it'll be there in our hearts, see you next year.
updated the link to the repository (foundry put it on github now)

Version 0.1.12 - 22-06-2022
fixed some creatures/hazards with an apostrophe in the name 
Tab title now describes what's in the encounter, so you can have multiple tabs open for multiple encounters, and it has an easy name

Version 0.1.11 - 14-06-2022
Creature database updated (book of the dead and others are now in there)
Creatures from Absalom city of lost omens, and from the april fools bestiary are no longer bugged
Added a little pride flag to the title.

Version 0.1.10 - 18-02-2022
Loading screen added
Database update
Material resistance bt and hp added to cheat sheet
Environmental damage in cheat sheet
Climbing and Demolishing in cheat sheet
Force open DC's in cheat sheet
search textboxes now set to input type "search", so icons to clear them should now show up in chrome. 

Version 0.1.09 - 30-12-2021
PF2tools css changed to look like my statblock clss
error where you couldn't add creatures with ()'s in them fixed
share button added (not sure if they work)
simplified homebrew monster adding
Class Creatures added.

Version 0.1.08 - 17-12-2021
Open Beta: Added initiative Tabs
Succesfully sustainably replaced the @Localize[] things
Strikes without damage now say 'Effect' instead of 'Damage' to avoid confusion
Misscelaneous Statblock fixes
Encounter treasure now follows the rules from the Gamemastery Guide
Added treasure per level table in the cheatSheet
Fixed XP calculation for issue when too weak/strong monsters were added
Added keywords, author, and description for better google search

Version 0.1.07 - 14-12-2021
Cookie overhaul
temporarily disabled elite/weak adjustments
moved column hiding to settings menu
added website analytics
added "Click to see statblock"
file structure changed and creature database update
Player CSV file for player statblocks (shows when name matches)
Icon context menu closes when mouse leaves.
Recall knowledge DC's for creature identification added to the Database (except for unique adjustments, since most unique monsters are just regular humanoids)
Added improvised Hazard statblocks
Settings don't clear initiative list when applied anymore
aonprdSearch and quick creature search now hidden by default.

Version 0.1.06 - 08-12-2021
Added Custom creature importing via .csv files.

Version 0.1.05 - 08-12-2021
Creature database updated.
fixed a bug where the difficulty meter was operation behind each time.

Version 0.1.04 - 07-12-2021
Autosave initiative table added

Version 0.1.03 - 07-12-2021
Improvised Creatures added (based on the Advanced GM screen).
stat blocks now have first and second MAP included for Strikes
statblocks tooltips restyled
Copyright notices Added to statblocks
added licencing information to the website.
statblocks now use images instead of the pathfinder font for apple support.
delete buttons now use SVG's for the same reason
OGL added to the about section and CC3.0BY attribution fixed.

Version 0.1.02 - 06-12-2021
Added the settings menu (and saving them with cookies)
Added individual source selection (no cookies yet)
various statblock fixes and changes.
Re-implemented combat tracking

Version 0.1.01 - 12-11-2021
User interface overhaul
Updated creature database
Switched webhosting and URL
Beta version is now live :)

Version 0.0.15 - 19-10-2021
Switched over to Foundry open source database for monsters

Version 0.0.14 - 24-06-2021
improved darkmode
improved color choices
added status icon system

Version 0.0.13 - 18-06-2021
added darkmode

Version 0.0.12 - 11-06-2021
Fixed table headers, they now align with the columns

Version 0.0.11 - 01-06-2021
Added fuzzy search when no creatures show up
cookies for remembering party size and level
redesigned graphic design	

Version 0.0.10 - 01-06-2021
Should now be touch compatible
redesigned graphic design

Version 0.0.9 - 31-05-2021
Added Generic creatures
put stat search back in alpha

Version 0.0.8 - 29-05-2021
Advanced search Added
responsive web design layout for smaller screens

Version 0.0.7 - 21-05-2021
Increased Stat block load performance and decreased size by thumbnailing and referring to stylesheets
temporarily removed the spell search 
added tooltips
added loot suggestions

Version 0.0.6 - 18-05-2021
Added aonprd search

Version 0.0.5 - 17-05-2021
Links from stat blocks now open to in a new tab

Version 0.0.4 - 16-05-2021
modified layout for better visuals on different browsers
elite and weak adjustments
optional level limiting in creature picker

Version 0.0.3 - 14-05-2021
Creature quick search
added links in footer
added patch notes
filtering by multiple Traits
exclude Traits
UI touchups
added portfolio placeholder
difficultybar background fixed
added preshow difficultybar
fluff properly right under the stat block

Version 0.0.2 - 12-05-2021
added source filtering
added relative level color in creature picker
added title and favicon

Version 0.0.1 - 11-05-2021
creature picker display
search by name 
search by Traits
add player
initiative list
stat block display